Comparing the results of 2014 to 2000, the scale of China’s GEEX increased, and the foreign energy share also slightly increased. The share of the DEU that returned home also increased significantly; the main sources were S.09 and S.10 . The sector share decreased evidently in S.01 , S.02 , S.03 , S.04 , S.16 , S.17 , and S.18 , while increased obviously in S.08 (manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products), S.09, S.10, S.11 (manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c), and S.12 . The destinations of sectors also varied, and some sectors showed their unique distribution of destinations, while for other sectors, the distribution of importers was ranked by their gross import volume from China.

content value network

Where DEU and DVA are the sums of the first to the ninth term in equations and , respectively, denoting the gross value of the domestic content embodied in the country’s exports at the corresponding level; the superscript s denotes the exporter and r denotes the direct importer. RDV_Final2 is the domestic value added in intermediate exports and returns home via final imports from the third country. DVA_INT is the domestic value added in intermediate exports and absorbed in the direct importer. Complex global supply chains’ lack of clear standards across industries highlighted as some of the key barriers. Linear businesses gained a competitive advantage by buying assets, controlling supply chains, and driving transactions. Digital companies gain competitive advantages through building network effects, relationships and interactions.

Others are more limited, involving only a few locations in different parts of the world. The third dimension of the value chain is thecontrol that different actors can exertover the activities making up the chain. The actors in a chain directly control their own activities and are directly or indirectly controlled by other actors. […] Since value chains are basically constellations of human interaction, the possible varieties of governance are endless.”

This part grows as the intermediate trade and processing trade are increasing in recent decades. And the traditional gross value accounting, these double countings are also calculated as part of a country’s gross exports, although they do not create any value added . The DVA proportion of China’s total GDP reflects, to some extent, the dependence on the export of China’s economic development, which showed an increasing trend before 2007 and a decreasing trend thereafter. The proportion reached a peak of 28.8% in 2006 and stabilized at approximately 20% in 2013 and 2014, equivalent to the level in 2002. As shown in Figure 13, from left to right, the first column represents t, which is the total energy embodied in China’s export to the United States in 2014 from different sources, including domestic energy , energy from third-party , and energy from the United States itself. The second column represents the forward linkage sectors that initially consume domestic energy to produce products.

The Design Management, Evaluation,

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World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Therefore, enhancing the competitiveness of these sectors in global trade and promoting the energy efficiency of their productions are conducive to improving China’s position in the global value chain and achieve the country’s goal of energy reduction. In addition, the EMDEIs of the chemical industry and metal and non-metallic equipment manufacturing industries are the highest (based on the forward and backward-linkage measures), implying that these sectors need to pay the greatest cost of energy when China creates domestic economic benefits through exports. Additionally, the costs of energy are also higher for these sectors to create economic income through exports than as compared to other sectors. At the bilateral country level, the United States and EU28 are the top two importers, and the shares of Brazil, India, and Indonesia are also increasing.

“The concept of the global value chain recognises that the design, production and marketing of many products now involves a chain of activities divided among enterprises located in different places. The value chain describes the activities required to bring a product from its conception to the final consumer. The chain includes all of a product’s stages of development, from its design, to its sourced raw materials and intermediate inputs, its marketing, its distribution, and its support to the final consumer. Is the domestic value added in intermediate exports and used by the direct importer to produce intermediate goods and re-exported to the third country to produce their exports to other countries . As shown in Figure 12, the details of the results over these two years vary significantly; a few examples are given below.

content value network

The value network of a building typically includes activities like extracting and converting raw materials into products as well as constructing, managing and maintaining them within the building. Unlike value chains, such networks are characterised by iterative loops and multi-directional exchanges of materials between companies in a circular economy. In this sense, a chain is a set of products and services linked together in a sequence of value-adding economic activities. This is made up of the flow of knowledge and expertise necessary for the physical input-output structure to function. The flow of knowledge generally parallels the material flows, but its intensity may differ. Some chains are truly global, with activities taking place in many countries on different continents.


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The share of domestic energy in the two patterns of trade, that is, the final exports and intermediate exports, was similar to the trade pattern share of value added. The ratio of domestic content in gross exports indicates the ability to create value added per unit of energy consumption. The ratio rising means that there are some local market advantages, such as a low cost of transportation or low cost of high-skilled labor (Liu et al., 2020a). The ratio of domestic content in China’s gross export showed a decreasing trend before 2007 and an increasing trend thereafter, reflecting the growing competitiveness of China’s exports in the later study period.

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‘Value chain’ versus ‘supply chain’

Furthermore, a new indicator of energy intensity is proposed in this study to evaluate the real domestic energy cost of economic benefits in exports. Overall, considering China’s exports as an example, this article shows the detailed routes to depict the embodied energy flows along the global value chain. On one hand, it is conducive to analyze the impact of China’s export embodied energy on global energy consumption; on the other hand, it can describe the flow of energy-related carbon emissions. Moreover, this study is the basis and conducive to describe the real energy transfer between countries, and the research framework of this study is also applicable to the study of embodied carbon emissions and other embodied flows.

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The share of energy from the importer itself was larger in China’s exports to Russia and ROW than to other importers, while the share of energy from the third-party in exports to Brazil and the United States was the highest. Export embodied domestic energy intensity of each sector; the graphs are provided for forward-linkage based measure and backward-linkage based measure. Share of final export embodied energy in the sector’s gross export embodied energy; graphs are provided for forward linkage and backward linkage. Trade patterns of embodied energy varied widely between the importers of China’s exports, and according to Figure 4, the GEEFX proportions of the GEEX in China’s exports to each importer (hereinafter referred to as “the proportion” in this paragraph) varied significantly.

New research reveals that over half of the food waste generated by the UK manufacturing and retail sectors is avoidable. WRAP’s Food Surplus and Waste Quantification report aims to improve the understanding of food surplus and food waste in the grocery supply chain. Food production and consumption are responsible for around 30% of global carbon emissions. Supply chains are multidisciplinary and btch coin highly collaborative bringing great benefit to a company through integrated and diversified resources, reduced logistics costs, improved logistics efficiency, and high quality of the overall product or service. From raw materials to producing and distributing a specific product or service, the supply chain represents the steps taken from raw materials to get the product or service to market.

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