The federal government, through NGOs, co-funded and implemented various awareness campaigns, in addition to efforts at the state level. The federal government did not have a trafficking-specific hotline, but continued to fund a 24/7 hotline in 17 languages for women affected by violence; in 2018, the hotline received calls from 68 potential trafficking victims . State governments conducted 386 pre-trial trafficking investigations of 602 suspects in 2018, the most recent year for which the government had comprehensive statistics .

This practice weakened deterrence, potentially undercut efforts of police and prosecutors, and created potential security and safety concerns, particularly for victims who cooperated with investigations and prosecutions. Compared to 2017, the government nearly doubled its labor trafficking investigations in 2018. While the government did not breakout the total number of suspects prosecuted or traffickers convicted for labor trafficking, they reported prosecuting at least five suspects and convicting at least four traffickers, none of whom served jail time. This compared with five prosecuted and three convicted, but only received fines, in 2017. Current standards in classification and procedure in data collection, in addition to strict privacy laws, continued to result in incomplete data and underreporting.

Each BAMF branch office in Germany included at least one representative to assist in identifying and supporting potential trafficking victims, and BAMF had a total of 210 specialized personnel that could adjudicate asylum cases. The Prostitute Protection Act of 2016 required officials across all states to screen for trafficking indicators during registration of individuals in commercial sex and frequently resulted in officials identifying numerous individuals subjected to force, fraud, or coercion. The criminal procedure code exempted trafficking victims from criminal prosecution for minor unlawful acts traffickers compelled them to commit; however, authorities occasionally arrested victims for immigration violations that may have been a result of their exploitation. The government previously extended the mandate of FKS to include trafficking, thereby increasing staff that could potentially identify forced labor victims. However, FKS did not have the authority to perform labor inspections of workers in domestic households – where most labor trafficking victims were identified – without the homeowners’ consent, increasing vulnerability to trafficking.

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“Switter, one of the last online spaces friendly to sex workers, was just banned by its network”. Several media sources have described FOSTA-SESTA as a failure which has “only put sex workers in danger and wasted taxpayer money”. The entertainment industry presents a very narrow narrative of human trafficking, characterised by sex slaves, gangster villains and gun-toting heroes. Human trafficking, particularly sex slavery, is a popular storyline in entertainment media. The 2008 blockbuster movie, Taken, starring Liam Neeson as the father using “a very particular set of skills” to rescue his teenage daughter from traffickers, was a smash hit, earning more than US$200 million, and spawning two sequels and a television show.

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The government working groups met four times in 2020 to discuss a variety of antitrafficking efforts, including the appointment of a national rapporteur, identification of and services to child victims, online exploitation, and worker protections in the construction industry. BMFSFJ facilitated the development of several pandemic-related response programs for trafficking victims and advocated for increased attention for labor and child trafficking. The government remained without a national rapporteur, a key recommendation of GRETA’s 2019 and 2015 reports.

The report revealed that children accounted for 53% of identified victims in active criminal human trafficking cases in 2020, and women made up a large majority. Forty-four percent of victims of sex trafficking were women, and half were girls. State governments completed 313 pre-trial trafficking investigations of 472 suspects in 2019, the most recent year for which the government had comprehensive statistics, a decrease compared with 386 investigations into 602 suspects in 2018.

The government amended the Victims of Crime Act in November 2019 to address the requirement of physical violence and expand protections to include psychological violence once it enters into force in January 2024; this may result in more restitution awards to trafficking victims. The government reported awarding restitution to two sex trafficking victims during the reporting period as a result of civil suits filed in conjunction with criminal charges . NGOs and GRETA reported that victims were not systematically informed of their rights.

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Prosecutors, together with other authorities, offered undocumented victims a reflection period of three months to decide if they would testify in court, but the government did not report how many victims received this reflection period. Victims who agreed to testify were eligible for temporary residence permits, which allowed them to remain and work in Germany through the duration of the trial; however, the government did not report how many victims received permits during the reporting period. The law entitled victims to an interpreter and a third-party representative from a counseling center to accompany them to all interviews. The law provided legal alternatives to removal to countries in which victims would face retribution or hardship. Further, in September 2020, the federal court ruled that immigration authorities failed to properly take into account the human trafficking situation an applicant would face upon deportation to their home country when they rejected the applicant and referred the application for reconsideration. Counseling centers reported specialized trafficking BAMF officers were not always involved or included in deportation hearings.

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