All it does is automatically save to the default location, which is the Downloads folder. 👍Thanks for pointing out this chrome extension. Finally I get to preview all PDFs in the browser even if they are served with the “wrong” headers. The reason may be the HTTP Content-Disposition header. If the site admin/developer set this header to attachment , it tells the browser that the content should be downloaded directly. ALT+Click, To download quickly without changing the settings, you can hold the ALT key while clicking on the link.

Besides compromising your security, hijackers alter your browser settings and could automatically redirect you to unwanted websites. If your browser automatically opens random websites, it may have been hijacked. Thus, it is imperative to rule this possibility out. The hosts file typically requires additional access. So the first step is to open up your text editor as an administrator.

Update Chrome to the Latest Version

Set the drop-down menu linked with the functionality to Disabled after you’ve found it. Move over to the right-hand pane and check any things that you don’t recognise . Once within Registry Editor, browse to the following location path. Hit the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Scroll down to the bottom and select the Advanced menu. Exit Google Chrome and restart your PC to see if Google Chrome opening automatically problem is resolved.

Reset Network Adapter (Winsock Reset)#

Unwanted sites opening in Chrome can easily ruin your browsing experience. Hopefully, the solutions above have been good enough to solve your problems for now and you’re back at surfing the web with Chrome. On the confirmation pop-up box, click Reset Settings to confirm. Thus, you can try removing any suspicious extensions in Chrome to see if it helps with the issue.

MiniTool PDF Editor brings swift experience when you convert, merge, split, compress, extract, and annotate PDF files. If you changed any settings, try logging in to the site again. The 1st links are from highly reputed Excel sites, so if I were you I’d give it a try. When starting a new post, to receive a quicker and more targeted answer, Please include a sample file in the initial post.

Sometimes background processes and extensions cause different inconveniences despite their usefulness. Some of them may force Chrome to constantly open new tabs. From the Windows 10 Settings menu we will also be able to disable the automatic opening of Chrome. To do this we are going to press the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I” which will automatically open the “Settings” panel where we will select the “Applications” section.

Without a great deal of context, it can sometimes be frustrating and overwhelming where to even begin. Typically these are either client-side problems or an issue with the server at which the site is hosted (memory limits, execution times, etc.). Vera is an editor of the MiniTool Team since 2016 who has more than 5 years’ writing experiences in the field of technical articles. In her spare times, she likes shopping, playing games and reading some articles. One of the culprits for Chrome opening on startup may be Google Chrome AutoLaunch.

By filtering content, ad-blockers stop specific content from appearing on a webpage, directly interfering with your site’s script. Safari ignores the download directive and treats the tag metioned below as a standard href and open it. This makes posting a file dialog to the user from html impossible.

On the Internet Options dialog box, make sure “Start with home page” is selected in the Startup section. Then, click “Use current” in the Home page section. To close the Settings tab, click the “X” button on the right side of the tab, or press Ctrl+W on your keyboard. To close the Settings tab, click the X” button on the right side of the tab or press Ctrl+W on your keyboard.

How to Change Your Setup

One of these common concerns is Chrome starting on its own, even after you’ve removed it from your PC’s starter applications. We looked into this issue of why does chrome open when I start my pc by looking at a variety of user complaints as well as the repair procedures. Remember that clearing app data erases all your customizations and resets the settings to default. The next time you open Chrome, it will look like the browser has just been installed. So, you’ll need to sign in to your account and customize the browser again.

Scroll down to the bottom of the search settings page and uncheck the box for Open each selected result in a new browser window. Using redirects, websites can send traffic to their desired location, which can be an affiliate page, a landing page, or a promotional offer. As a result, you’ll be redirected to multiple pages every time you visit such a website. It may also be responsible for the opening of unwanted websites and pop-ups. You can also try flushing your local DNS cache.