However, his actions and characterization throughout the season ask the question of whether or not he is truly human. The answer is that he is a vampire with a strong capacity for feeling and empathy, leading him to regain his humanity. Therefore, I can only provide some hypothetical answers to the question in general. If Damon and Elena are a fictional couple, then it depends on the storyline and plot, what happens between the characters, and how many children they decide to have or get in the story. While their relationship went through a tumultuous journey in the popular television show, “The Vampire Diaries”, their inability to have children was never a theme explored in the storyline.

Status of Relationship

Elena tells Damon that she only said it because of the sire bond and she feels nothing for him. However, later when Bonnie nearly kills Elena, she cries out for Damon to help her and he locks her up in the Salvatore basement. Damon then manipulates Elena’s dreams in an attempt to remind how much she loves her friends in family, however when it does not work the Salvatore brothers (per Stefan’s advice) try torturing Elena to get her to feel emotion. Elena however calls their bluff and attempts to kill herself, knowing Damon would never really hurt her and let her die. After Katherine frees Elena Damon comes up with a plan, killing Matt in front of her and it works to get Elena’s emotions back on. When Elena focuses her hate on Katherine Damon tells Elena where Katherine is but tells her she should not try and kill her.

He makes her tell him the truth and then compels her to forget everything about Sarah and Mystic Falls. Enzo who suspects that Stefan is hiding something, he kills the girl. In the meantime, Kai firstly attacks Liv but later he meets Tyler telling him that he wants to save Liv’s life and he is asking for his help. In the season one finale, Caroline is severely injured in a car wreck and suffers from internal bleeding. Later that night, Caroline is smothered to death with a pillow by Katherine Pierce, who found out that Damon gave her some of his blood.

But Damon’s love for her was one thing that could never be erased, as it proved to be too powerful to tamper with. Damon and Elena’s reunion might not have been what fans were hoping for, but their entire storyline was proof of how powerful their love is. Elena only remembered the bad things that Damon had done, yet she still couldn’t shake him. It took a bit of time, but Elena fell in love with Damon all over again. The latestVampire Diariesspinoff series,Legacies, has yet to feature Elena and Damon, though they are mentioned relatively often.

Season 2 – Damon’s Unrequited Love

Outside of his romance with Elena, Bonnie was also the female character that Damon far and away spent the most time with, and the two had CHEMISTRY. Everyone loves a good enemies-to-lovers story, and that’s exactly what Bamon would’ve been. The two started off the series despising each other, and slowly grew a begrudging respect over their mutual care for Elena. Even when they stilled hated each other, Bonnie and Damon had no shortage of tension-laced scenes, and both saved the other’s life numerous times. Bonnie successfully breaks the spell that Kai has put on her and Elena’s life.

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Caroline is actually Stronger, but Elena was trained to kill vampires as a human. They both fought when Elena had her humanity off and she almost killed Caroline. After owning the limelight for a while, it was announced in 2015 that the actress would leave the show after the 6th season finale. … In an Instagram post shared by the 31-year-old actress, after saying goodbye to the show, she stated that she decided to leave it because she felt like Elena’s journey had come to an end.

She’s definitely in love with Stefan in the books as well, but it seems like every time she runs into Damon she gets lost in the connection that they have. Initially in the book series, both Stefan and Elena are unaware that Damon is in town. However, throughout the show, as the characters developed, their relationship started to display increasingly complex and exciting dynamics. While most people actively avoided Damon in the town for his malevolent and vicious tendencies, Elena was among the few who had little to no fear of Damon and wasn’t afraid to call him out for his petty, narcissistic behavior. These clashes between Elena and Damon led Elena to see a side to him, which most people didn’t understand, and Elena started to become convinced that Damon wasn’t entirely evil. Damon’s return to the town of Mystic Falls, where the events of the show take place, had everyone believing that he was the villain of the show.

Elena, Tyler, Stefan, and Damon are the main characters who became human in Vampire Diaries. Each of them underwent different circumstances and methods for their transformation, but ultimately, they were all able to enjoy a temporary or permanent human life. Damon Salvatore also became human, but his transformation was different as he did not take the cure. Instead, he sacrificed himself to save his loved ones, turning his humanity off and became trapped in a dimension known as the Phoenix Stone. After being rescued, he became human due to the ritual that was performed to bring him back to life.

However, whether they will have kids or not remains unknown and subject to the writers’ plans. He also keeps in touch his Vampire Diaries co-star Paul Wesley, who directed an episode of Legacies‘ first season. Elena loved Damon but she did not want to admit because everyone expected her to choose stefan because they thought stefan was a better man. Now the best instance of foreshadowing that was ever done in the show is the 60s Dance 2×18.

While the other relationships often involve a lot of drama and tumult, Damon and Bonnie’s relationship is shown to be calm and stable. They complement each other well and are shown to bring out the best in each other. Furthermore, the timeline in which Elena and soul dating close account Damon have kids may depend on the actors’ availability and contracts, as well as the production team’s plans. The actors playing Elena and Damon are no longer part of the regular cast on the show, and they may not return for a potential spin-off or sequel.

What happens in Vampire Diaries books ending?

Of course, things don’t stay happily ever after for long, and season 6 brings Damon’s “death” (he’s actually trapped in another realm) which breaks Elena. She wants to be rid of all memories of him, asking for her love for Damon to be erased, but as the series progresses, we see that she can’t escape him. “It’s okay to love them both; I did,” Katherine told Elena during season 2 — and it’s an idea she carried with her throughout the series.

While both shows feature supernatural beings and take place in the same universe, they have different storylines and characters. The Vampire Diaries follows the story of Elena and her relationships with two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, while The Originals focuses on the Mikaelson family, who are the original vampires. He got her to confess her feelings for him first, however, and told her to remember how she felt when Stefan does return.