But one fan on Reddit is convinced Jules and Elliot will end up hooking up first because Rue is too preoccupied with drugs. “I think RuexElliotxJules will have every intention of a threesome, but ultimately Rue will be so strung out … that Jules and Elliot will hook up on their own,” they wrote. As for how they met, Diana revealed that the singer slid into her DMs, and they immediately bonded over their mutual love of music.

Euphoria fans think two of the show stars are DATING in real life ❤️

Throughout the series, Euphoria, it’s clear that Rue and Jules have a deep emotional bond. They often discuss their feelings and share intimate moments together, hugging and caring for one another. In particular, Rue has been shown to have romantic feelings for Jules, while Jules seems to view Rue as a close friend. For starters, Lexi and Rue have a close friendship, and Lexi seems to care about Rue quite deeply, which is demonstrated by the way she looks out for her and supports her throughout her struggles with addiction.

‘Euphoria’ Stars Dominic Fike & Hunter Schafer Dating? Actors Spark Rumours With THIS Pic

His romantic impulses are not uncommon, but he also finds himself in a conflict between two worlds due to the conflict that comes with being torn apart. Ethan Lewis, played by Abrams, is expected to be around 18 years old on the show. Abrams is 25, and he will be 26 in 2022, which means that he and his character will have very different lives in a decade.

Unlike his Danny Reagan’s dad’s private relationship, actor Donnie Wahlberg has been pretty public about his romance with “The Masked Singer” star Jenny McCarthy. As Wahlberg shared on Instagram, he first crossed paths with his future wife on “Watch What Happens Live” in 2012. As the boy bander recounted, host Andy Cohen thought that the twosome would be great together, so he told Wahlberg to get with the program and ask her out. “however, we’d meet again a year later at her talk show @vh1 @jennymccarthy Show and the rest, as they say, is history.” Following the PDA pic, fans were feeling more than euphoric about the news.

One of the best parts of the CBS procedural are the Sunday family dinners. You can’t watch even one episode without seeing the Reagans sit down every week together to partake in a yummy meal. Although a few members of the family have come and gone, the regulars show up laughing and arguing their way through their dinner. For your convenience, I have put together everything we already know about this growing love triangle with a speculation of how things may shape up in the upcoming episodes. At present, it seems that the 35-year-old is currently not dating anyone. We’re just days away from the release of The Umbrella Academy season 3 and we don’t know about you but we’ve been counting down the days, hours, and minutes until we can finally binge through the 10 new episodes.

It’s important to note neither couple has confirmed the rumors though. If it’s not true, the only time we may see the two actors together is as their characters on the show. Moreover, love is not solely dependent on a person’s choice or preference, and it can be influenced by external factors such as circumstances, timing, compatibility, communication, trust, and shared experiences. As the season progresses, Elliot and Rue continue to spend time together and grow closer. They share intimate moments, such as when Elliot reveals that he is transgender and Rue accepts him for who he is. There are hints that they may be interested in each other romantically, such as when they share a kiss, but it is never explicitly stated whether or not they are actually dating.

The orientation can be portrayed on-screen, described in the dialogue or mentioned. Rue’S hookups in Euphoria are primarily with Jules Vaughn, her close friend, and confidante. However, her romantic relationships are not the only aspect that defines her character as she also struggles with addiction and mental health issues while navigating her adolescence.

Back in 2020, Hunter was romantically linked to fellow model, Massima Desire, also known as Massi Dee. While neither confirmed or denied their romance, they were frequently spotted at events and restaurants together, leading people to believe they may be a little more than friends. However, due to circumstances beyond Shawn’s control, he ends up in prison at the beginning of the episode.

In fact, Nate is revealed to have some serious issues that make him an unsuitable romantic partner for Rue. He is abusive towards his girlfriend, Maddy, and has serious anger management problems. Rue is also struggling with addiction and mental health issues, which make it difficult for her to form healthy relationships.

They don’t actually marry or anything, but they do get engaged during a trip to London when Shawn proposes to Juliet on The Ring Bearer ceremony show. She says yes, and they go back home to Texas where they get married before a small group of friends and family members at the end of the episode. Shawn ends up going on a date with Linda Moon (former actress who plays Dr. Daniella Wexler) and realizes he still loves Juliet.

During the hit HBO show, Jules found herself jealous of Rue’s connection with Elliot, which she assumed was romantic. Meanwhile, Rue was trying to hide from her girlfriend that she was still doing drugs — usually with Elliot following a chance meeting at a house party one episode prior. Worried Jules will report his father to the police and ruin his life, Nate starts flirting with Jules through a dating app in order to get nude photos to blackmail her with. But things get even more complicated when, through his blackmail scheme, Nate also seemingly develops feelings for Jules.

Finally, in Episode eight, she talks to Elliot and Jules for the first time since her intervention. “However it happened, whatever happened, however it got to be whatever it is, thank God it did, because I wouldn’t be here to tell you I https://datingrated.com/ forgive you,” she said to Elliot tearfully. Although she keeps her dating life under wraps, the actress has been spotted with Jonathan Davino. The actor dated Joey King from 2017 to 2018 and has also been romantically linked to Zendaya.

Schafer, 23, and Fike, 26, were photographed holding hands while leaving The Nice Guy in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 16, in photos obtained by Page Six. The musician was wearing a striped sweater while the actress sported a hoodie over a skirt with a red face mask. As Euphoria fans saw Jules questioning her girlfriend’s relationship with newcomer Elliot , the actors were spotted on much better terms. In contrast, Elliot appears to be a newer character in the series, and not much is known about his relationship with Rue and Jules. While it’s been implied that Elliot is attracted to Rue and Jules, he has also shown interest in other characters in the series, suggesting that he may not be exclusively committed to either Rue or Jules. Throughout the series, Rue has a close relationship with her childhood friend Jules Vaughn, who is played by actress Hunter Schafer.

Whether Rue Jules and Elliot are a throuple or not is up for interpretation. While they have a close relationship, there has been no definitive confirmation that they are romantically and sexually involved with one another. However, their dynamic raises questions around the nature of relationships and the boundaries that can exist within them. Based on available information, it’s unclear whether Rue Jules and Elliot are definitively a throuple. The answer to whether Rue knew about Jules cheating on her is left up to interpretation, as the show often leaves things unsaid or hinted at without outright confirming them.