Enbridge only considers mutual aid agreements between industry partners if a mutually beneficial agreement for response is requested. Enbridge currently does not have any mutual aid agreements in the area of Westchester and/or Rockland Counties. Any other information requests regarding mutual aid agreements between fire departments and their details regarding training can be directed to those fire departments or Westchester County OEM. Enbridge last performed training for fire departments in Westchester County in 2019.

The Department of Public Service asked Holtec to formally confirm the specified weight rating of the plates used for heavy load transfers. The Department also asked Holtec to confirm with Enbridge that the bridge created by the steel plates remains a technically acceptable approach that would mitigate risk to the pipeline from any actual/anticipated heavy load crossings over the pipeline. Holtec has informed DPS that Enbridge conducted a field visit and confirmed the current steel plate bridge configuration is sufficient for the heaviest loads Holtec may transfer over the pipeline. DPS Staff believes the NRC’s expert evaluation team report resolves outstanding concerns regarding the 3-minute valve closure time. The revised Entergy 10 CFR 50.59 analysis, submitted on September 16, 2020, uses a valve closure time of 8 minutes.

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Enbridge indicated it provides mailing information packets to responders as required by PHMSA. This is complemented with liaison meetings either via an Enbridge employee or through the Paradigm meetings that Enbridge is a partner with neighboring pipeline companies. Additionally, Enbridge offers free, online https://hookupranker.com/woosa-review/ training on pipeline response at Per federal pipeline safety regulations and the 2020 Algonquin rate settlement, Enbridge has several requirements to train local emergency response. The detail-lite NRC inspection reports resulted from a report by the Government Accountability Office a few years ago.

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His conquests gave the region stability after turbulent times, and coalesced the patchwork of small states into a single nation; it is only from the time of Hammurabi that southern Mesopotamia acquired the name Babylonia. Extensive conversion of organic matter to hydrocarbons has also been achieved at less than 300°C under non-catalytic conditions with a minimum of water present. Of greater significance are laboratory experiments that have generated petroleum under conditions simulating those occurring naturally in a sedimentary rock basin. Between 1977 and 1983, research experiments were performed at the CSIRO laboratories in Sydney . Consequently, the differences in timescale and other parameters between geological processes and laboratory experiments being so great meant that scientists generally questioned the relevance of such laboratory results. Thus, in their experiments, the CSIRO scientists had tried to carefully simulate in a laboratory under a longer time period, in this case six years, the conditions in a naturally subsiding sedimentary rock basin.

During the week of April 29, 2019, DPS Staff performed focused control room inspection of pipelines within Indian Point area (26-inch, 30-inch, and 42-inch pipeline). Staff focused on the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition sensors in the area and actions a controller would take to close a valve. As part of this control room inspection, NYS DPS Staff travelled to Houston and observed the controller initiate a valve closure of one of the valves needed to isolate the 30-inch pipeline in the Indian Point area.

Ultimately, it is not possible to infer a shutdown time for the AIM pipeline based on the list of PHMSA reportable incidents. The DPS is holding regular meetings with Holtec and AGT to ensure that both are aware of construction. PHMSA has included Transmission Integrity Management regulations in 49 CFR Part 192 and New York State has adopted them into 16 NYCRR Part 255. These regulations prescribe minimum requirements for an integrity management program on any gas transmission pipeline. The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has primary oversight jurisdiction over nuclear energy facilities.