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And for more on this insidious trend, learn the 20 Signs You’re About to Get Ghosted. Have you ever stumbled across an acronym in a dating profile or someone’s bio that you can’t figure out? Even if you are active on different dating apps and websites, there’s probably a dating acronym or two that you still don’t know. Here’s an alphabetical list of some of the most popular dating acronyms being used online and what they mean.

When this happens, your teen often checks their phone incessantly looking for a response back, a text, or some sign of life. Ghosting occurs when someone your teen is dating suddenly stops contacting them. It is usually the result of this other person being too afraid to tell your teen that they do not want to take things any further or that they want to end the relationship. No longer is it enough for parents to know just what sexting is. Now, you need to add in “benching,” “53X,” and so many more terms to your vocabulary.

However, the terms in this article are basic and stable, giving you a detailed understanding of the sugar world. Wanting to become a sugar girl or guy, you get to know how such a connection operates through its slang. Understanding its meaning, you become closer to this lifestyle and get rid of prejudices. Keep in mind all of them and start your sweet story with a fresh mind. Pronunciation for “Benching”People who use dating apps may also follow someone’s social media profile on something like Facebook or Instagram, especially when they like that person.

Short-Term Arrangement (STA)

When you’re done and ready to get out of there, it’s time to split. The Beatles “She’s So Heavy” was meant as a compliment, not as a suggestion to start dieting. And for more about cannabis in today’s culture, This Is the Most Stoned State in America. This piece of ’60s slang originated from the TV show Laugh-In, back when television was still the most influential media in the world. And for the words you need to ditch from your lexicon as you age, These Are All of the Slang Terms You’re Too Old to Use After 40.

Ways to Avoid the Cliff of Contemporary Dating

This sort of casual speech is often based on common knowledge and has little to do with the literal definitions of words. As a result, language learners can struggle to understand what native speakers are saying when they use slang. Pretty much what hibernating animals do with respect to food — that is, prepare for a long, dark winter. In millennial terms, cuffing season is when people prepare for a long dark winter by compromising on what they are looking for in a mate to avoid a lonely winter.

Parties, Drugs, and Sex

Jennifer is a dating and relationship writer and coach. She is also the founder of Moments With Jenny, a blog where she’s been serving down-to-earth relationship advice and insight for the last 6+ years. Her focus is on helping couples build happy, healthy relationships. “Friends with benefits” is a mutual agreement between two friends to have sex with each other on a regular basis with no strings attached. If you’re not ready to commit to a serious relationship and just want to have fun with someone, this could work for you.

Being “poly,” as it’s known for short, means you can be in a relationship while enjoying relationships with other people. The key here is communication and honesty (yay, finally! remember those?) and taking great care to make sure you’re not hurting or betraying any of your partners. It’s been around in some form as far back as ancient Rome, but it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

It’s basically a way for someone to stalk someone else in a relatively harmless way, without ever making that leap to breaking the ice for a date. Of course, if they are stalking you that’s a different matter. Linda Lowen is an award-winning writer with more than two decades of experience speaking and writing about women’s issues. Of course, there is a certain level of terror in being authentically yourself in relationships, especially early on.

“Benching” is taking this same idea and applying it to dating. It happened to people before online dating and happens still. Time to move on to the next match and meet people on other sites. Now apply that same idea to how a person might approach someone they like online.